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1886 - 1936 Istanbul: where dreams are born

Now a major name on the international jewellery scene, the Maison's extraordinary tale began in Istanbul in 1886.

This great cultural crossroads, was once the centre of the jewellery world. Austro-Hungarian Goldsmith Jacques Adler, trained in the purest Viennese tradition, founded the first workshop. His creations soon won over the great and good of the Empire, making the Adler name become a touchstone on both shores of the Bosphorus.

1937 - 1971 The art of legacy

Adler is a thriving brand, but behind the brand-name is a Maison in which jewellery expertise has been passed down through the generations. In 1937, Jacques’s son, Edouard Adler, joined the jewellery business and from a very tender age, his grandsons Franklin and Carlo were introduced to the subtleties and demands of the goldsmith’s trade.

Young Franklin, enticed by the promise of chocolate cake, often came to help his grandfather Jacques. Interest and expertise became passion, and from 1963, Franklin Adler dedicated himself entirely to the company. Under his impetus, it rapidly began to broaden its horizons.

1972 - 1979 New growth in Geneva

In keeping with their cosmopolitan outlook, the Maison found a fitting showcase in Geneva, the world’s jewellery capital.

Within a few years, three boutiques were flourishing. These were managed by the third generation of Adlers, Carlo and Franklin who was soon joined by his wife Leylâ. Soon business boomed and Adler gained international renown that bore the stamp of their spirit of independence. They had mastered all the stages involved in making a piece of jewellery: From the supply of stones to design, from production to distribution via a network characterised by intimacy and warmth.

1980 - 1985 Creativity in all its forms

From Vienna to Istanbul, finally settling in Geneva, The Maison's trajectory traces the course of a cultural epic.

Privileged witnesses to the prosperous periods of central European history, the Adler family have always had close contact with artistic and cultural circles. The brand’s past is rich in multiple global influences and have masterfully interpreted these over successive collections.

In 1980, Adler began to specialise in baguette-cut diamonds, endowing them with new-found sensuality.

Famous for its unique pieces and High Jewellery expertise; Adler launched its first jewellery line in 1982, calling it "Sérail". This marked the beginning of a series of successes in a more affordable price range inspired by the great tradition of the jeweller’s craft.

1985 - 2015 An international reputation

Adler became a world-renowned brand. From Geneva’s rue du Rhône, to Hong Kong via London and Gstaad, it was the start of a highly successful period in an international arena where Adler creations were widely acclaimed.

From 1998 to 2015, department store concessions and shop-in-shops followed in Tokyo, Qatar and Azerbaijan. Always remaining true to the original ethos underpinning the brand: a warm welcome, friendly atmosphere and bespoke service are all values of a jewellery Maison.

An enduring spirit of innovation

Steeped in history and culture, the creative process for Adler has always been oriented towards innovation in symbiosis with the prevailing zeitgeist.

From 2004 - when Allen Adler, a fourth generation member of the family, joined the company - the Maison launched its iconic jewellery lines "Les Multiples".

At the same time, the brand enhanced its collections with materials that were rare or had never been used by jewellers before. Wood first, followed by titanium and carbon in 2009, all bear witness to a pioneering spirit and formidable creative inspiration that opened the way to new experiences of aesthetic emotion.

"Eclipse" collection

In 2013, the Maison decided to place their creative experience, as well as their know-how in high jewellery; at the service of a brand new collection named "Eclipse", inspired by the shadows of the moon.


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