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The Maison is innovative and creative, always taking its thought processes a step further to produce exceptional pieces that are modern and traditional in equal measure, therefore revealing its taste for a challenge and its love of perfection.

Adler combines humanity’s great cultural and artistic achievements with the precision of Swiss expertise to create their jewellery.


Adler’s skill in fine craftsmanship has been perfected since 1886. With the passing years, the Maison has learnt new techniques and always taken an innovative approach to its creations.

A pioneer in its choice of materials, it has used wood, silk, carbon and titanium, and enjoys taking risks to develop sophisticated and revolutionary pieces. Research and creative work is allied with a precise quality control procedure that attests to the passion for precious stones that drives Adler.


Arts like painting, literature and sculpture as well as cultural influences; all contribute to nourishing the Maison's inspiration.

Age-old traditions and new trends alike are honoured, breathing life into timeless creations. Each piece tells a story, evokes an encounter, describes a journey and conveys an idea instilled with magic. "They are veritable works of art that should be treasured through time."


Adler devote particular attention to honouring their values through their creations. The exceptional pieces that are the pride of the Maison reflect the themes on which our story is built:

·       A passion for beauty
·       The creation of original, feminine pieces
·       The Maison’s independence
·       Innovation
·       The search for exceptional gems from authorised sources

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