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Today « Urban »

Black and white iconography is electrified by a coloured gemstone, like a piece of jewellery illuminating a profile. Strong and contemporary, this is a look that speaks to active, modern and independent women.

1998 - 2012 « Mémoires de Femmes. Mémoire du Monde »

A campaign with the evocative intensity of dreams gives the imagination free reign in a sepia landscape. “Mémoires de Femmes. Mémoire du monde” is a reflection of everlasting beauty and a powerful tribute to the eternally feminine. Words and jewels draw inspiration from humanity’s great cultures.

1993 - 1998 « Open Door »

“Welcome to Adler” is the implicit message of the campaigns based on the symbolic theme of the door. Majestic and sculptural, the images used attest, above all, to the culture of openness and hospitality enshrined at the heart of Adler’s values.

1985 - 1993 « Building »

Adler jewellery mirrors the most beautiful examples of architecture with its stylistic inventiveness and free manipulation of form and material. From the Taj Mahal to the Colosseum and the Chrysler Building, there is an artistic interpretation commensurate with the greatest works of architecture, that can be found in Adler’s jewellery and advertising campaigns, providing a spectacular backdrop to an eternally renewed quest for beauty, balance and poetry.

1975 - 1985 « Theatre »

The whole world is a theatre, and for Adler, jewels are the leading actors. Staged with consummate brilliance in both window displays and campaign visuals, revealed by an interplay of curtains and sculptures in chiaroscuro, the creations of the Geneva-based Maison are true moments of grace.

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