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The lifting swell of the sea, the fluttering of a boat’s sail, a dress floating, caught in a gentle breeze, the ethereal perfection of earrings worn with elegance.

Titanium is a simple, delicate and innovative material that indulges every whim and fancy. Enveloped in mystery and wilder than gold, titanium must be tamed and coaxed into giving its best. Sapphires and diamonds are then summoned to array it in a cascade of colour, creating a perfect alliance of beauty and uniqueness, made by Adler.

Adorning a female silhouette, “Sail” earrings imbue the wearer with grace, their bewitching spirit reflected in their sparkling curves and mysterious lightness. They will sail to the ends of the ocean to seduce the women of the world…


18kt white gold,Titanium, Sapphire

Earrings "Sail" in titanium and 18kt white gold set with 617 purple sapphires 38.20 cts and 218 diamonds 7.49 cts

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