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The fruit that Adam and Eve tasted was ripe with sunlight; the jewels from the “Paradiso” collection offer the same sweetness and comfort. Their round and generous shape, their bright colour and their fascinating sparkle offer a taste of paradise…

The “Paradiso” collection embodies perfect proportions, unequalled creativity, and an unrivaled passion for Beauty. Whether she is wearing a ring, earrings or a pendant, the woman who wears “Paradiso” collection jewels is carried into a world of calm and abundance; a world in which everything is at the reach of a finger, a lobe or a neck. Why be resistant or hesitant? “Paradiso” opens its sunny gates and reaches out to you affectionately.

Enter the universe of perfect beauty, original elegance, and pure grace.


18kt pink gold,Titanium, Sapphire

Earrings "Paradiso" in titanium and 18kt pink gold set with 556 purple sapphires 10.68 cts and 205 diamonds 3.10 cts

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