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There is no special time in life to treat yourself, the longing simply slips into the subconscious and sets the rules. Like meanders, gently winding their way through the landscape, Adler rings go their own way, coiling around the most demanding fingers.

The “Méandres” collection perfectly embodies Adler’s desire to evolve and flourish over time. Natural riverbanks display a variety of colours and so the rings are also set to reflect different moods, always in fine 18-carat white gold. Rubies, tsavorites, yellow, blue or pink sapphires, brown, black or white diamonds, all mingle and intermingle to adorn a single finger. So many possible combinations, to blend with any colour you wish to wear.


18kt white gold, Sapphire

Ring "Méandres" in 18kt white gold set with 29 blue sapphires 0.84 ct and 29 diamonds 0.68 ct

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