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A soft, sweet melody flows through the ballroom, where all are gathered to pay homage to beauty and grace. In a whirl of colours, diamonds dance with emeralds, amethysts with rubies.

Their toast is to life and youth, a daily inspiration to the jewellers who fashion these exceptional gems. Murmurs grow at the expected arrival of new guests, heightening the excitement of the ball. Seven princesses in pink and white gold are celebrating their birthdays tonight. The last four, born of the same love and passion as their sisters ten years earlier, appear this evening for the first time. Dressed for the occasion in their finest attire, they twirl in an exquisite waltz. Blue sapphires, diamonds, rubies, brown diamonds, amethysts and pink sapphires sparkle and dazzle the guests.

Irresistible, their curved form and faceted profile make them things of unique beauty, leaving none of the jewels present indifferent…


18kt pink gold, Ruby

Rings "Julia" in 18kt pink gold, one set with 69 rubies 3.92 cts, the other set with 79 rubies 2.59 cts

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