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As the proverb rightly says, one swallow does not make a spring. Yet, is it not flowers that mesmerise and herald the arrival of warm weather?

Flora, the Roman goddess of spring and vegetation, is one of the most important Roman deities. Every year, a great festival was held in her honour across the Empire to encourage a bountiful harvest.

Inspired by these Floralia festivals, Adler’s new collection breathes life into delicate, twinkling buds. Each one blooms forth, revealing its colourful attire and unique beauty with each passing day. The magic emanating from these precious bouquets can be perceived in the détails.


18kt white gold, Ruby

Earrings "Flora" in 18kt white gold set with 10 pear-shaped rubies 3.91 cts and 324 diamonds 1.46 cts

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