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Just like the solar eclipse outlines the sky in black and gold, Adler’s Eclipse collection dwells on the contrasts between carbon, gold and diamond. This astounding marriage of precious stones and noble materials challenges the general perception of each of them and of all three combined.

An eclipse forces the viewer to look at the sun, the sky and the clouds from a different angle, and reveals unforgettable gleam. Adler’s “Éclipse” jewels engage us in rethinking carbon and its unique texture, consisting of several thousand tiny threads woven together to create a superstrong and surprisingly lightweight material, with organic lines gently visible through its surface.

Eclipses offer a mystical, unique, and individual experience; Adler’s “Éclipse” jewels are sensual, naturally beautiful and divinely inspired.


18kt white gold, Diamond

Oval-shaped earrings "Éclipse" in carbon and 18kt white gold set with 58 diamonds 0.52 ct

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