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To be a chameleon means to listen to one’s desires, to change appearance in response to an urge, a whim, or a need for freshness. The “Caméléon” collection includes jewels that let you try and switch different colours; they can take you far away, or bring you back to familiar shores. Adler designs a pair of interchangeable rings that adapts to all possible moods.

This collection celebrates the union between curves and straight lines, magic and reason. It stimulates change and exploration, sophistication and simplicity, with a large palette of sparkling colours that are interwoven. Young, flexible, dynamic, bold: the woman who wears these jewels shares these features with Adler’s "Caméléon."


18kt white gold, Ruby

Ring "Caméléon" in 18kt white gold set with 66 rubies 2.47 cts

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