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The diamond has always been associated with virtues. From the Latin “diamas”, itself derived from the Greek “adamas” meaning invincible, the diamond is the emblem of perfection, purity and power.

For the Greeks and Romans, it seems nothing was impossible. They bequeathed to us the laurel, a timeless motif of recognition and distinction still used today to mark the achievements of our peers.

It is not surprising therefore to see two symbols of manifest values associated in jewellery whose reach knows no bounds. This adornment graciously embodies two symbols that have endured for millennia, with 22.50 carat pear-shaped diamonds arranged as laurel crowns. A fusion of genius and radiance, resulting in exquisite pieces whose beauty is inalienable.


18kt white gold, Diamond

Necklace "Victoire" in 18kt white gold set with 20 pear-shaped diamonds 22.50 cts and 246 diamonds 34.99 cts

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