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Rivière sans retour

Fascinating, unique, sensual, Marilyn Monroe, eternal icon of Hollywood glamour, was also a woman with multiple facets. Endowed with a voice of gold, she liked to sing of her love of diamonds, calling them “a girl’s best friend”.

Today, a worthy tribute to a star that shines still takes the form of an exquisite white gold necklace. A river of diamonds encircles the neck, effortlessly following the contours of the bust. Marilyn Monroe marked the history of cinema forever, leaving in her wake an aura of femininity and grace. Unquestionably this necklace, too, will be unforgettable

Rivière sans retour

18kt white gold, Diamond

Necklace "Rivière sans retour" in 18kt white gold set with one pear-shaped diamond 10.02 cts, 49 oval cut diamonds 37.43 cts and 368 diamonds 14.64 cts

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