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L'Oiseau bleu

The Blue Bird, a fairy tale by Maurice Maeterlinck, offers a beautiful metaphorical insight into why we should never wander too far in search of happiness, since it is so often found before our very eyes.

The object of this quest for happiness is a bird so blue and brilliant that it lights the way for all who follow it. This fairy tale is the inspiration for Adler’s new ensemble – a necklace and earrings that call to mind the magical wings of the Bluebird. 46 pear-cut sapphires caress the neck in different tones of intense colour. Exceptional pieces that the onlooker feels compelled to follow in order to glimpse the radiance of true happiness. 

L'Oiseau bleu

18kt white gold, Sapphire

Necklace "L'Oiseau bleu" in 18kt white gold set with 46 pear-shaped sapphires 60.64 cts, 33 pear-shaped diamonds 23.36 cts and 490 diamonds 51.82 cts

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