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Le Printemps

A season welcomed joyously by both man and beast, where verdant natural scenery and the fluttering wings of birds punctuate the gentle whisper of renewal.

The Four Seasons, the timeless musical masterpiece by Antonio Vivaldi, is the name given to the four violin concertos that left a profound mark on the history of classical music. Inspired by the beauty of these enchanting melodies, and the fruit of a century of expertise, the Maison have created four High Jewellery sets for four violin concertos, which open up “the confrontation between harmony and invention”.  

Le Printemps

18kt white gold, Emerald

Necklace "Le Printemps" in 18kt white gold set with 11 pear-shaped emeralds 62.79 cts and 395 diamonds 61.93 cts

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